My Family

My Family

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Serving for a Cause

"You know," the doctor said to me quietly as we were leaving the appointment, "a service animal is just what you little girl needs.  They are wonderful with children and can be trained to do so much."

Flashback to 40 minutes ago.  We had just been called back to see the doctor.  He had come in and we had talked.  Cary Lynn immediately froze in her chair.  She knew who this guy was and she knew it was going to hurt.  A little whimper escaped her lips.  That whimper turned into piercing screams as she was pulled and prodded.  She then started trying to launch into her vampire routine.  You could hear us all the way through the 3rd floor.

"Hey, call in Sarge."  The Dr. turned to the nurse who came from the other end of the building to see what was happening while I tried to crawl under a table.  Cary Lynn was put in my hands and her screams of rage became gulping cries.

Enter an 800 year old dog.  (Maybe not that old but no spring chicken either).  He saw my daughter and began to lick her toes.  Her cries disappeared and a what the hey expression replaced it.  I whispered to her, "It's a doggie."  Her face lit up and she began to squeal with joy.  We put her back down for the exam and I kept looking at her like she was a bomb ready to go off.  But Sarge kept her occupied and delighted the rest of the exam.

The doctor's words echoed in my mind as I left.  All through the ride home and into the days that followed.  So our search began.  It had to be a dog that was just right.  But then we hit dead ends. There wasn't a service agency placing dogs.  It was frustrating.  I spent hours on the phone, emailing, and following leads.  Every one was a dead end.  The last call I made I got really mad and ended up in tears.  The lovely woman made a simple suggestion.  Train your own.

So I scrapped all my original research and started again.  The more I found out about it, the more excited I became.  This dog could not only help my daughter, but my son as well.  It could be Super Dog!!  I was so stoked!

But I was also not dumb.  I have many talents.  Training a service dog is a bit out of my realm.  So I talked to a bunch of other people.  One name came up over and over.  Dee Bogetti.  You can check her out here.  I liked her right from the start.  She is smart, no nonsense, and knows dogs.  She came to our home the day we brought Noel to live with us.

She was little and a ball of personality.  I was a little concerned about how she and Cary Lynn would hit it off.  
Buuutttt it seemed I wasted a good worry on nothing much.

Now the story could have ended here and I could just say she's a Great Dane and everyone loves her, the end.  But Noel serves a purpose.  She's not just here to inhale kibble and grace my sofa.  She has a job.  It is a 24/7 job with no holidays, no sick leave, and no slacking.

For my son she is comfort and safety.  You see her following him around in the last picture.  She's not just doing that because she has nothing better to do with her life.  Marvin is a runner.  Loud noises, any danger real or imagined, when he triggers she is there.  Her calming presence, the way she is attuned to him and when he starts amping up, and how she pulls on his shirt or herds him to a safe location.  Noel has given me peace of mind when she is on the job with Marvin.

For Cary Lynn, Noel has proved time and time again that she is worth her weight in kibble and cheese.  She is able to alert me when Cary Lynn is becoming ill or needs me.  That's not something you can necessarily teach an animal.  Noel has saved us from several visits to the hospital by alerting me before I knew there was a problem.  Her keen animal senses are superior to our human ones.  She also provides my daughter with comfort from doctors that poke and prod, she can bring and carry medical supplies, she can activate switches and doors in the home.  The more training she has the more she will learn.  

Training is important, but it can also come with a cost.  We are very blessed.  An amazing foundation, We Heart Harlie and Friends (you can visit them here), has started an on line fundraiser to help us fund Noel's training.  This organization helps families with medically fragile children and has a lot of amazing people.  But they can't do it alone (see I bet you knew there was a catch!). 

This is where you, the reader comes in.  There are many things you can do.  The most awesome one would be to donate.  If you feel that's something you can do you can go here.  You can also share this post.  The more shares, the more people we can reach.  The more people that see our story the more that may be willing to help lend a hand.  You can even share the link to the fundraiser.  Pin us, tweet us, whatever you do.  It only takes one small stone to start a ripple in a pond.  Let's make some waves! 
Noel continues to learn and every training brings us one step closer to getting her to become what she already is in her heart.  A service dog.  Serving for two children and making this mama's load lighter. A hero in fur.