My Family

My Family

Friday, June 8, 2012

Maybe baby?

So here we are in the soap operatic drama "As the Adoption Unfolds". 

It does feel sort of like a soap opera performance.   One minute everyone is happy and the next minute someone is being eaten by the loch ness monster.   Never a dull moment! 

So we continue to press forward in our looking.  The social worker of the baby did get in touch with our social worker and wants to meet us.  I don't know if we are the only family being considered yet or not.  True to the system she is being rather slow with information. 

Here is what I know factually so far that I am allowed to share.  It is a girl.  She is seven months old.  No one in her extended family wants her and she is considered a legal risk adoption placement because the parents who will never win mommy and daddy of the year awards are druggies.  They don't want to change.   The little girl has a few medical needs and every day makes strides in positive directions.  She is thriving.  That is all we know right now.  Until we sit down with her worker next week we won't know much more.  We don't even know her name.  So we will wait and see on this. 

I am really hoping this one pans out.  For a few reasons.  First of all it is a girl!!  I know they are hair and drama but after watching my son and husband have burping contests I think a little shot of estrogen around here would be good.  Second, it will be easier for Marvin to adjust to a younger sibling than an older one.  He can show her things (not burping) and he is very nurturing with younger children.  This does not mean he wouldn't be able to handle an older sibling.  This is just the natural order of life.   Third, it is a lot easier to get them younger.  I am not ruling out an older child and if this does not come to fruition I intend to go back to looking at my other choices.  I reserve that right. 

This has been your update and our most recent episode.  Tune in next week to see where we are in the unfolding drama of life and adoption! 

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Well the verdict is in.  Even I can get a little ahead of the adoption game.  So I'm not perfect=). 

It started out simply enough.  I put my name in the hat for a slew of children.  Some were no goes from the start.  Some we weeded through.  But now our social worker has kindly asked us to slow down just a bit=).  Well, maybe not so kindly.  But she does have a valid point.  Somewhat. 

The process is slow and agonizing.  You put your name in, send a home study, wait and wait and wait and wait.  No one is in a rush to get these kids any place.  So they rot in the system and families get discouraged. 

Right now we are waiting.  What a surprise.  Our worker put our name in the hat for a seven month old baby girl.  Yes.  A baby.  But we don't have any information on the child's disabilities, needs, and so forth.  Not to mention if it is a baby there are going to be at least 200 other home studies for the baby.  We are also continuing to wait on a 9 year old girl in Colorado, a sibling group of boys in northern VA, and a local 7 year old boy.  So we have many irons in the fire.  Plus I have heard from another worker with a 2 year old boy.  Busy busy busy.  My social worker is putting everyone else on the back burner and fighting hard for the baby girl for us.  I am inclined to think that this is a rather unrealistic expectation, but I still believe in miracles.  

So we continue the unending cycle and pray for patience and endurance in a race that is starting to wear us out a bit emotionally, mentally, and even a bit physically.  I am keeping my eyes out for the finish line which I know is out there somewhere.  I will continue to run the race and play the game the only way I know how.  With grit, stubbornness, and determination to bring our child home.