My Family

My Family

Thursday, March 16, 2017

We are the Warriors

You see us everywhere you go.  We may be in the shadows or in the limelight.  We may be loud or quiet with deafening silence.

We are forged out of endless battles with doctors, therapists, insurance, schools, paperwork, research, and advocacy.  Everyday we gear up to fight new battles and rise to new challenges.  Our minds are sharp, our hearts are strong, and our knowledge is a force to be reckoned with.  We put on our armor of strength daily.

We gather on battlefields ready to fight for the thing that means the most to us, our children.  We sit in hospitals holding their hand tight and fighting for their lives.  We go to therapies and press everyone to take one more inch.  We can't afford to loose, the cost is too high.

To the world we may seem brave, but we aren't always.  For every victory we have miles of defeat behind us.  But we are driven to try just one more time.  We may be scared to death, but we rise up and do it anyway.  We don't have a choice.  Failure is not a word we embrace.

Our children have multiple needs and because of them we have changed.  We have taken on roles that are new to us.  We have stepped out from the sidelines and walked onto enemy territory.  Because of them, we dare to do things outside of our comfort zone.  We push harder and battle on.

We are the Warriors.  We are the storm.  We will battle and we will win.