My Family

My Family

Friday, October 14, 2016

We've hit 5!!!

Five years ago something amazing happened.  A little girl was born at 24 weeks old.  Her mom was addicted to drugs and not fit to parent her so that little girl was put up for adoption.

Nine months later she came into our home and hearts.

She was little and full of sass!  She changed our lives.  

Through all the years and medical crap that we've had to wade through she's always been a trooper. But at the back of my mind an old neurologist we went to at VCU told us, she will never make 5.  

But guess what?  Today my daughter not only has made 5 she is also doing other things that people said she would never be able to do.  It's always going to be an uphill battle for her but my daughter is a fighter.  She fights and she triumphs.  
My daughter is a super hero rock star diva who wants to be called by her stage name, Barbra (thanks Kate for that one).  Every day is a gift and a blessing around here.  We celebrate every inch stone, every smile, and everyday.  

Happy Birthday to a little girl who has made my days brighter, my nights longer (because we don't sleep), and who has taught me so much more than I will ever teach her.  I love you.