My Family

My Family

Sunday, August 27, 2017


I watched them go away to this place everyday.
They be forced to sit all day with bodies that didn't obey. 
They just couldn't follow the rules. 
So they never fit in at the schools. 

In meetings, IEPS, and emails I'd spend my days. 
Fighting for accommodations in a system set in it's ways. 
Their words were cold, and left me with chills. 
"Why don't you just get some prescription pills?"

I watched their happiness slip away.
Full of anxiety, not wanting to play. 
Daily watching sad looks became haunting to me.
My kids didn't want to be different; they wanted to be free.

Free to stim and free to learn.
Free to ignite curiosity that burns.
To be who they are accepted and loved. 
Precious treasures, gifts from above. 

To be able to learn at their own pace. 
Education is a lifestyle, not a race. 
To embrace uniqueness and set their minds free. 
To explore, learn, and play the way it should be.

We are done with tradition and keeping up with the best. 
My kids aren't made to be still and test, test, test.
I know you may look and feel sorry for me.
But don't, I've done the right thing, I've set my kids free.