My Family

My Family

Sunday, February 12, 2012

On to the next event!


I am still here believe it or not!  I have just been very busy doing the wonder woman bit and all.  Between my job, husband, child, and house I am lucky I have time to draw a breath! 

But I know many of you are wondering where we are in the process.  As explained in a previous post we are in the waiting phase.  I expect to be there quite a bit.  In all honesty I am really O.K. with that.  Unlike last time where Shannon and I had no children and I spent considerable amounts of time stalking social workers, demanding results, and being a general pest.  

This time around I have Marvin to consider.  We have been spending lots of special time with him, explaining the changes that will occur, and trying to wrap our brains around having another little person in the household.  Right now he is in the excited phase.  He wants to have a sibling.  Marvin thinks it will be cake, rainbows, and daily parties.  I am not going to spoil the delusion.  But having gotten a sibling myself around four it was a BIG change.  I loved it, but at times I wished to sell my sister to the zoo (I still do, but that may never change=) ). 

We are waiting to hear back from social workers about matches.   Since race has been taken off the plate our chances are better for getting a younger child.  So we wait. And while we wait we hope and pray and keep busy waiting for the call that all adoptive parents long to hear.  The call that a match has been located and that it is time to move out of the waiting box and into action.

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