My Family

My Family

Thursday, December 20, 2012

We're still here!

Really, I haven't gone that far.  I was all ready to post last Friday the glowing reports from the Virginia Institute of the Blind and Deaf.  I was ready to laugh over how much fun I had with my mother in law shopping and just having fun.

Then I got home and heard about CT and it just didn't seem right to have a really happy post.  So I took some time off and grieved with the families.  Then my son got sick, and my husband got the flu. I got some crud.  Cary has remained healthy so far.  I am thankful  I hope she stays well.

So first things first.  Cary's vision therapist managed to get out of coming once again.  I was ticked off heading down to the Virginia Institute of the Blind and Deaf.  I was greeted warmly, they listened to my concerns and began basic testing.  After a good three hours of testing the beginning results are encouraging.  Cary can hear sounds.  That is the good news.  The bad news is that she needs an ABR. This will test her ability to understand what she hears.   Often cortical blindness and cortical deafness goes hand and hand.  We go back the 11th of January.  It will be two or three more visits before any "real" results can be given, but so far things are looking good.  It was nice to hear positive results.  Plus I fell in love with the school.  It was my dream school for Cary.  But Staunton is over an hour away.  Sigh.  Time will have to tell.

So after Marvin was sick Sunday-Tuesday he was able to return.  I was glad.  It was his Christmas week.  He had a whole week of testing before so the poor kid needed some fun.  I will have to say, I love classroom parties.  I have worked at school that have allowed them and schools that don't.  I will also have to say in my humble opinion  that kids who are allowed to have time to celebrate have an outlet for all that extra holiday energy instead of having to bottle it up and pretend it is not there.  This has been so helpful for Marvin.  And mama:).  But that is just me.  I also got some photos of the kids.  Marvin insisted that Cary Lynn come along and I was happy to bring her.

Marvin playing musical chairs.  Interesting to note that musical chairs is not a commonly played game any more.  

Marvin decorated a gingerbread house.  He had a blast making and eating it!  

Cary was also allowed to partake in the icing portion of the fun (yes, I know that it is not the best choice for her to eat, but the squeals and smiles made it all worth while).  

So all in all it has been a very awesome start to Christmas despite illness.  As we get closer to Christmas I am excited to celebrate with my little ones and look forward to the fun and joy of this holiday season!  

Merry Christmas everyone!! 

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