My Family

My Family

Monday, November 4, 2013

Tricks and treats

We have had so much happening around here and I feel really swamped most days.

We had an awesome Halloween.  The kids were dressed up and super super cute.

Marvin was a knight.  He loved the costume.  The minute he came home from school he put it on and pretty much wore it until we pried him out of at bedtime.

Last year Cary Lynn was a ticked off flower.  This year she was a ticked off Raggedy Ann.  She hated the wig and tried to chew her way out of her costume.  She finally got into the "spirit" of things when we were out.  We have an awesome neighbor who buys out the dollar general every year.  They loaded Cary Lynn with enough squishy balls and bubbles to last her until next year.  She also had her fist taste of pureed Kit Kats.  She didn't like them.  In fact, my kids are really not into candy.  Marvin will eat it for a day and then be done.  So most of the candy is *ahem* eaten by other sources.

Cary Lynn had a slew of appointments.  We started at the pace clinic.  She has been cleared for the MRI on the 15th.  I am nervous.  This is a real chance to look inside her brain.  There has always been talk of the damage.  But this will make the talk real.  But I am really trying not to dwell on that right now.  I have bigger concerns.

The number one is weight.  Or lack of it.  Cary Lynn is dropping pounds and no one knows why.  We go to the GI doctor on Thursday.  So hopefully we get answers.  She wants to eat, but her little body is at war with her mind.  It puts the butterflies of worry in my heart.

She also got her chair.  What's the big deal?  For me it is a mixed blessing.  Cary Lynn is at the age where she can no longer fit in cute baby equipment, but she is not ready to sit on her own.  Just like the costume her little body is well, raggedy.   She wants to do so much but her body won't obey.

So the chair came.  They come with names like the Buffalo or a Stingray, but it is all the same.  It is a piece of equipment that most two year olds don't need.  I saw the chair today at PT and really wanted to just cry.  But then Cary sat in it.  And smiled.
And kept smiling.  It was like she was saying, where have you been oh great and mighty chair.  She has laughed and played in it on and off all day.  So I really can't have a gloomy Gus attitude when my own kid acts like this is the best thing since sliced bread.

Cary shows me a lot of things.  She is the greatest teacher I have had outside of my son.  They teach me that the things that bother me really shouldn't.  That sometimes we all need a little support.  And a positive attitude.  My greatest wish is that I can go through the waters of life with the same joy and acceptance of situations that my children have.

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