My Family

My Family

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Paying it forward

We have been really busy around here.  I love to blog and keep people in the loop, but the last few weeks I am lucky if I have time to tie my own shoes let alone post.  With two kids running to appointments. therapies, and our inbound services it really can get crazy.

The last couple of posts were kind of downers.  But life tends to go a hurricane 5 category speed for me so I just don't have time to weep into my lace handkerchiefs and lay on the sofa and moan (really, plus we are getting our house painted so I can't even find the sofa!)

But I have been up to something.  Well several somethings.  I tend to go full throttle:).

When we visited Dr. Roman a few months ago Cary Lynn got to experience a LightAide for the first time.  She loved it!  I really wanted to get her one, but the price just threw me.  Special needs stuff doesn't come cheap.  Then I got to thinking about the other visually impaired children in our area.  How LightAide could help them as well.  I also wanted to find a way to thank two very special places near and dear to our heart.  The Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind (VSDB) and Children's Hospital of Brooke Road.  Both places have gone above and beyond the call of duty for our little girl.  When we were handed our little bundle of pink joy she came with (and now has even more) labels than a pickle bottle.  It was like being told to drive to Wisconsin with no map or gps.  I had a general idea of how to get there, but with no map there was no way I could do it.

VSDB and Children's became my map for my daughter.  Sometimes I still take shortcuts and senic detours, but for the most part my map has been pretty darn good.  So I set out with the lofty goal of not one, but three LightAides.  Thanks to fundraising and some really generous people and a very generous discount from LightAide I was able to get three LightAides, a carrying case, and switch for everyone.  VSDB has theirs, Brooke Road gets theirs Monday if all goes well, and we have had the chance to use ours and share with several families in the area!
Sorry, I do have pictures other than the boxed one, but my camera has gone awol with the painting!  I will post some of Cary playing with it soon!

So while this was going on some mama blogging friends of mine in different states have had children hospitalized.  One of the mom's blogs has really gotten hold of my heart.  Mostly because her little boy mirrors so many of my daughter's complex needs.  Her blog is here. Caden and many other children have so much going on.  Their families live in the hospital.  The things that mean the most to me when I am there is the hot meals delivered, the company (it is boring sitting there), and the little gifts that just lift your spirits and say hey I'm thinking of you!  So I have been sending out care packages.  Shhhh, don't tell.  
These are just some of the things that I enjoy when I take my "vacations" to VCU.  Haha. Anyway, a few of these boxes have been dispatched and the recipients should get them by next week.  I have really enjoyed doing this.

So many people have done amazing things for our family.  After a while the thank you just seemed so shallow and empty.  Life is bumpy and sometimes the going is hard for our family. For me.  But I always hold on to the good that happens and we always make it through:).  It's past time for us to spread it on and I'm so ready to pay it forward!

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