My Family

My Family

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Home Study Visit Number Two

Well, we survived the second home visit.  It wasn't great, but it wasn't bad either.  Our teenage social worker got to fly solo this time.  She had her pens and stacks of questions.  It took me about 45 minutes, but it felt much longer! 

There were no off limit topics.  My past was dredged around and it was decided that I had a pretty normal, slightly boring upbringing.  I also was declared a pretty decent human being=).  There were harder questions too.  They asked if I would take a handicapped child.  How handicapped would I be willing to take?  Blind, wheelchair, trachea tube, autistic?  How about a child of a different racial origin?  Could we raise a sibling group?  Teen?  Then we went into my present and future plans.  Work?  Schooling?  Care? Montessori or traditional?  French Fries with that? 

Yes, I am willing to take an older child, sibling group, handicapped, and a different race.  Hopefully, not all these items at once. Shannon and I are very open to possibilities.  It will require changes in our lives, but these are changes we are willing to make.  I am starting to feel that we might survive this process and end up having another awesome blessing in our lives.  We have lots left to do.  Tons of paperwork and then lining up our profiles with AREVA. 

Meanwhile we hope, plan, and dream.  I dream of the day when we welcome the next Fields' family member home.  When I can burn my home study and declare our family complete.  But for now I am off to tackle paperwork!

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