My Family

My Family

Saturday, March 10, 2012

We've been tagged!


It has been a busy few weeks in the family.  It feels like every time I sit down to blog something stops me.  Usually its Marvin.  He caught a rotten bug and was down a whole week.  Shannon has allergies and I caught the stomach bug de jour going around.  So between all that we have had enough plague to last a really really long time=). 

As a  family we are taking time to heal emotionally as well.  We are adjusting to my brother in law being in "grown up time out".  His son is having a hard time as is his wife.  We are loving on them and praying them through.  It is hard on my husband and since he is a guy he tends to be more bottled up. I have been giving him a lot of extra TLC as well.  But we are healing.  There will be scars, but we will be stronger because it is either get tougher or roll over and die.  Our family doesn't roll over and die. 

On the adoption front we have been very proactive.  If we wait for our agency to do something we will be about 80.  That is just how agencies are.  They have lots of other families waiting for children and children needing help and healing.  We are not top dog.  But I learned some things last time around.  The seeds I have sown pre-approval are growing into nice healthy plants.  I have social workers asking for our home study and excited to keep a look out for us. 

The little boy we were interested in may be placed with some of his family.  This is the best solution for him.  However, we now have several other little boys that have cropped up.  So off went the home study.  I also haven't taken no for an answer.  I inquire about a child and if the social worker says they are not available, don't want to be adopted, or the rain is green on Mars I simply send a cheery e-mail saying I understand blah blah blah.  Then I attach my home study and say that I am sure you have another child that you are really seeking a match for.  Here is our study.  Let us know.  Thanks=).  So in other words I am annoying. 

But being annoying has paid off.  I had a social worker contact us.  About a boy.  He is a little older than what we envisioned, but she says he looks like a good fit with our family.  We are his "wish list" family.  So now we begin a new part in the journey.  The courtship dance.  So information has gone to CHS and now we turn control over to our teen social worker.  This is where it will get annoying.  You see she is on spring break this week.  I don't begrudge her the break time.  I am counting down the days until our spring break at school.  I am just annoyed that we have to wait a whole week before we can talk with her.  Even though we have just started the journey it seems like we have been waiting for so long already.  I also hate to have kids rot in foster care limbo.  Even a week extra is a week too long.  I asked the director if she could help us since she is overseeing the teen worker and us as well.  I got a no.  I guess that is good in a way.  That means she really wants to give our teen worker a chance to run the show.  Plus whats one week in the grand scheme of things?  I am sure I will live=). 

We also want to proceed with caution.  After all we want to make sure that this is a good fit all the way around.  It will give me time to pray and start thinking over plans if this comes to pass.  And time to work my way through if it doesn't happen.  If it does happen lots of changes will occur in our family unit.  Marvin would be a little brother.  The baby.  A status he would probably be fine with.  Plus it would solve other behind the scenes angst we have been having about his school year next year.  It would require us to rethink lots of other things as well.  But no pain no gain, right? 

So we will spend time thinking, hoping, praying, and wishing that soon we will be a family of four. 


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