My Family

My Family

Monday, September 3, 2012

Baby Eve

Alright, not the best post title.  But really what would you call it?  Last day of sleeping all night long?  Last day of having one child?  I just don't have a good name for it. 

But I do have something.  Hope.  Dreams.  Faith.  O.K.  I have lots of somethings.  Right now the house is very clean, the laundry has been cranking nonstop, Marvin is having a much needed nap, and I am taking a break.  Also a much needed thing:). 

We have been going crazy around here.  Between learning the proper way to deal with a pack and play (other than beating the tar out of it), scrambling to get items for the baby, and giving extra time and attention to Marvin as the full force of this is hitting him hard.  Things have been going at super sonic speed. 

I am ready though.  Both mentally and emotionally.  I am ready to face the storms of what lies ahead with courage and strength.  I am ready to ask for help when I need it.  I am ready to find humor in bad moments, savor good moments, and learn from the 8,000 mistakes I am sure to make along the way.  I am ready to admit that I am NOT wonder woman and cannot do it all perfectly.  I am ready to enjoy the little moments.  I am ready to fight for what this child may need and not back down.  I am ready to exchange my old dreams for new ones.  Not necessarily better or worse, just new.  I am ready to make new friends and keep in touch with old ones.  I am ready to find people who understand and support our family in healthy ways.  I am ready for bad moments, good ones, sad ones, and happy ones.  I know that I can learn and grow from them.  

So tomorrow at 11am we will welcome a new little one into the home.  But I have already welcomed her into my heart so this is just a formality.  I AM READY.

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  1. You're going to be fantastic! She's one lucky little girl. :-)