My Family

My Family

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

We're Home!!!

First of all I want to say thank you.  It seems so inadequate, but after my last post I was given books, blankies, movies, a great chicken meal, clothes, movies to watch, and most of all your company.  I needed it.  I felt stronger and like I could handle the many challenges ahead.  

We were finally discharged after learning to insert an NG tube down Cary's nose and how to pump feed her if she refused to eat.  Which is what she was doing to at least half of her food.  She is slowly getting better at eating, but it will take time. 

We came home just in time to get ready for my parents to show up from Colorado.  We planned on laying low this past weekend and just enjoying family time.  We had a great weekend and by Sunday night I was taking Shannon to the ER.  We just can't catch a break around here. 

In addition to the love, joy, and laughter Cary is bringing us she also gave us her stomach bug.  Shannon got it pretty bad and passed out in our bathroom due to dehydration.  Luckily, a trip to the ER, some fluids IV style and a prescription for anti-nausea meds was all he needed.  I was able to get the doctor's blessing to take the meds if I needed them.  And I have.  My turn came yesterday and now I am fighting with this awful stuff.  I am surrounded by clear liquids, some jello that I just tried, and the meds. 

Thanks heavens mom and dad are here.  They can't do the tube feedings, but they have been great about keeping the kids entertained so Shannon and I can rest and get rid of this nasty thing.  It is nasty too.  You feel good for a while and then feel like you have been hit by a mack truck.  In the stomach. 

But despite all of this, I am so glad we are home.  I treasure my daughter and every day she tries something new.  She is starting to try to roll over, loves to babble, and is beginning to hold her head up.  We are convinced that she wasn't worked with in her previous foster home so she is further behind than she should be.  We are working hard, despite feeling like crap, to get her to try new things. 

We will continue to move forward and learn to navigate this new course that we have been set upon.  Hopefully, we will be rid of this rotten bug soon and Marvin and my parents will stay well.  Thank you once again for all the love and support!  We couldn't have done it without you!! 

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