My Family

My Family

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Finding Our New Normal

This was a quiet week.  By quiet I mean that the therapists came to us and we didn't have to leave the house.    I have to say that it was nice.  Too bad that I still have lots of doctors to see this month.

I did survive the endocrine doctor.  Cary is doing great and her pituitary gland has kicked into gear and is helping keep her diabetes in control.  Now we are on maintenance and we just see Endocrine every 2 months.  So that was great.

I even did something normal last weekend.  We met up with friends and got to go to the Children's Museum.  It was soooo stinkin great to do a normal family activity.  Marvin got to play with a friend and I got to feel normal.  Normal is such a good word.  And an even better feeling.

Then we were visited by Cary's new therapist team.  Speech came on Monday and liked what she saw.  PT came on Wednesday and made Cary do a ton of painful (for momma and baby) exercises.  She was able to really get Cary to work and insisted that I force tummy time at least 4 times a day.  We are working on it and Cary now is developing a healthy hatred of the exercises.  But she is doing it.  Vision will come bi-weekly and she came today and was really excited over how well Cary did.  She gave me lots of work to do with her and I will be stuck on the floor until I am about 100 at this rate.

So in between all of this we are trying to establish a new routine and a new normal.  It isn't easy.  It is hard to hear other parents talk about little Suzy's first step or little Tommy's words.  It is hard to look at "normal" kids and realize that yours isn't.

But then I stop and think.  I think about how the Endocrine doctor told me that Cary wasn't supposed to live.  How she nearly died in the hospital.  Then I realize that it isn't a race to see how soon she can do this or that.  It is a journey.  A journey that I need to enjoy.  Plus, who decides who is normal or not.  I certainly don't qualify as normal.  Neither does my husband or Marvin.  We are all "quirky" and I rather like us that way.

As Cary's first birthday approaches I look forward to celebrating with her and look forward to this exciting part of our journey together.  As a family.  The way it should be.

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  1. All life is a journey. Our kids just make us more away of it, sooner then most people.