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My Family

Saturday, May 4, 2013

"Weighty" matters

I know I know.  Bad blogger where art thy posts?

I wish I had some really good excuses, like I caught on fire or something like that, but I don't.  I do have a cold thanks to my wonderful hubby but that has really not impeded me except in the breathing  department when I try to sleep at night.

It has been an eventful few weeks so I will try to catch you all up to speed.

First, I have been fighting with the IFSP dragons, otherwise know as early intervention.  We are do for a rewrite and since I went off and reported my agency as non compliant I have had a much easier time of getting things done.  They are still being screwy, but a lot less so and they return my calls much quicker too:).

We did have to say good-bye to one of our therapists.  So I am going to use a name and picture of her.  When Becky came to our home for the first time I was a little (OK a lot) intimidated by her.  She was brisk, businesslike, and didn't take much nonsense.  She also challenged me to believe that my child was capable, can do things, and flat out insisted that Cary give 110% every time.  Cary tried her best to avoid her, poop on her, throw up on her, and sleep through her.  As you can see, Becky won in the end.

Here they are.  Becky is making her push a ball and you'd think we were trying to kill her the way she goes on and on about it.

So Becky is leaving.  A new speech person, J, is in are area and closer.  But we have a small snag with that.  You see, I really only have two days a week for therapies unless well notified in advance.  But J just figured I would magically change my schedule since it wouldn't work for her.  Unfortunately, she has picked the one day I can't change at all.  So we will see how this one turns out.  I am holding strong and hope we can come to a peaceful resolution on this one.  

We also added a new member to team Cary.  We have an all inclusive therapist!  Yay!!   This one I cherry picked.  I knew her before hand and she has taken over my old vision person's post.  Cary loves her and so do I.  She is calming, fun, and has given me more good ideas in the past three visits than our old vision person in the whole months that we had her.  Hooray!!  Plus Cary threw up all over the place visit two and she still came back.  Which is great, because my kid makes puking an Olympic sport!

Cary seems to be thriving in all areas but one.  Her weight.  For the last three months Cary has been 18.3 ounces.  For me, it was not a big deal.  She eats.  She is taking solids again.  So I was good with that.  Plus her bio family is tiny.  Bio mom is about 3 pounds soaking wet.  Really.  And short.  So is bio dad.  They make me want to go eat a pack of cupcakes.

So when we went to weigh in I was really thrown for a loop.  The doctors came in and were not pleased.  Cary has dropped 2 percent tiles and has not grown enough to suit them.  They gave her a new title that day.  Failure to thrive.

I was ready to cry.  I mean really.  My child IS thriving.  Just in her own way.  I tried once again to explain genetic and her slow growth hormones.  Because like it or not, those are a factor.  They really didn't want to listen.  So I asked a question.  How much do you want her to weigh?  They couldn't answer that either.  But she should have gained.  So I asked for ideas.  I swear there were crickets chirping in this person's brain.

So I decided that I was an intelligent person and could figure this out.  So I went home, made calls, googled (I don't know how I ever found anything out before google!) and posted on forums.  Within 15 minutes I had 9 pages of recipes guaranteed to make you fat looking at them, products natural and unnatural, and three people offering to call the hospital and scream at them or offer a free eye exam because a child with a double chin is anything but wasted.

So operation beef up baby has begun.  I am aiming for about 3-4 pounds on her.  We have tried some new things.  Some she has loved.  Nothing like chocolate powder in pediasure to fatten up the baby.  Some she has tolerated.  Grape seed oil and a little heavy whipping cream boost fat in baby food and in my opinion make it taste better.  Cary begs to differ.  And some she just throws up.  Cream of wheat is not a hit and makes her gag reflex kick in full force!

She has a delicate tummy and even though everyone tells me she needs to go on pureed table food and I want her to as well, she is just not ready for a lot of it yet.  She has really only been eating baby food for a couple of months and her little tummy needs time.  But time is also the enemy and is working against us.

So we continue to work on eating, growing, and learning that balls can be fun.  She has come so far and beaten so many odds that I know we can overcome this too!

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