My Family

My Family

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Back in the Hospital

O.K.  The last 48+ hours have been kind of a blur but now while Cary is sleeping I will take some time to recap everything to catch people up to speed.  Plus I feel like I am repeating myself so many time I can just tell everyone to read my blog and you will be in the know:).

On Tuesday morning when I got Cary out of bed I noticed her toes on her foot were red, hot, and uncomfortable for her.  She had gotten a cut, but I had treated it diligently.  So I cancelled her speech and ran her to the doctor.  The nurse practitioner and other nurses clucked around her like mother hens, assured me she was a good little trooper, gave her a 500 dose of recefin in her leg and sent me home.  I felt a little uneasy, something just didn't seem right.  I kept an eye on her foot, we kept our PT appointment, and I just tried to tell myself that I was being too paranoid.  We were going back to the doctor's office tomorrow for a re-check so I figured it would look better.  Cary was acting normal so I tried mot to act all freaky like.

On Wednesday Cary's foot had not only stayed red, it had swollen and gotten huge blisters all over it.  O.K.  Now I started to panic a bit.  She has a high threshold of pain tolerance, but her foot was sore and she was wimpery and pulling her hair.  Signs of distress.

Where I used to work my old boss thought I could be a bit "dramatic" and my energy could be too "high" for her at times so she would tape posters all over the classroom that said things like I am an island of calm.  Though they annoyed me to no end, I did realize that children do feed off of you and Marvin would have a nervous breakdown if I was panicky.  So I took some breaths, called my rocking mother in law and decided that Marvin needed to spend the day there so I could get Cary back to the doctor.

Amber and I poked at Cary's foot and I took lots of pictures of it.  It was pretty nasty at that point.  I'm going to spare you guys and not put them on here.  You're welcome.

So we went back to the doctor's office where he hemmed and hawed about taking her to the hospital, which is where Amber and I wanted Cary to go.  He gave her a 750 dose of recefin and told us if she swelled anymore take her to the hospital.  By then my mommy radar was going off full force.  We got in the car and Amber and I said at the same time "We need to take her in."

So I went home, called my rocking mother in law who agreed to keep Marvin and packed up stuff and headed right for VCU/MCV.  We checked in around 3 to the pediatric er and by then Cary's foot had about tripled in size.  People came in and asked me what is wrong and I just pointed to her foot.  Reactions were generally horrified and grossed out.

In the midst of this Cary is cooing, laughing, and flirting with everyone.  She didn't even have the nerve to act sick:).  Crazy girl, but I was glad.  It seems that we caught it just in time.

So now you probably want to know what it is.  The doctors talked about MRSA, but I think that has been ruled out.  They are thinking it is cellulitus.  Which recifin does nothing for.  What they had do was cath her, bleed her, and then give her an iv of antibiotics that could reek havoc on her kidneys, but only one dose of that, like it is supposed to make me feel better about it.  By then I was pretty done.

But I would like to mention my awesome husband.  HE came in took one look at his wife who was falling apart and told me I was going home that night and he was staying with Cary as he does the night shift anyway.  I had already packed my bags anticipating a stay, but he put his foot down. So after we got Cary in a room and Shannon pried her off of me(she was asleep, but if you hold her when she is sleeping she attaches like a leech). We put her down, he marched me to my car and I went home.

When I got home at about 10 I realized that I had left the house looking like a tornado hit it.  I stayed up till about 12 worrying about Cary and cleaning.  Then I fell into bed, got up at about 4:30 and rushed back here.  Well tried to, every tractor in my town decided it was parade day or something and I got trapped.  Then tour de France wannabes came out in droves.  I tell you I really hate bicyclists on my road.  Find a trail or something.

So now I am back here.  Cary pooped twice last night and woke the dead.  Now she is sleeping.  On me as I type this.  Her foot is down some so the lethal drugs are working.  And I am hoping we can go home today.  As much as I love ads trying to save Wally the Washcloth (long story and this post is long enough as is) I want to take Cary and go home.  I want my son.  I want my husband.  I want my PJ's and a nice hot tub and a cup of herbal tea and a good book.  O.K.  I'm whining.  And as my husband points out in the grand scope of things this really is a minor hospital visit.  And it is.  But it still tanks.

But there is still good in all this mess.  We caught the infection in time.  I asked what would have happened if we didn't come in.  It would have been bad.  The doctor's and nurses are great.  They answer all my questions (I don't give them a choice they know me).  Cary's sweet nature wins over doctors and nurses who make excuses to come see her.  The prayers and calls we have gotten.  For a normally frazzled person, I felt pretty darn clam through most of this (not all mind you, but I am high strung and that is never going to change no matter how many posters you put up thank you very much), and my daughter who show me daily that she doesn't let these things slow her down.  She just keeps on keeping on. She shows me daily how to find happiness despite all that she goes through.  I am learning to take a page from her book and always find the joy in the midst of life's storms.

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