My Family

My Family

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Marvin!!

Yes, it's been awhile since I was here.  Sometimes life gets really busy and we have been swamped!  I have been on the run most days from morning to past my bedtime.  I have a ton of blogging catch up to do.  I want to do a post on my CVI training as well, but for this post I wanted to focus on my son.

My little boy.  When we first brought Marvin home he was a scared 18 month old who missed his foster family.  He cried, hid, and was scared of women because of the abuse he suffered.

This is my little guy.  About the only time I got a smile out of him in the first few weeks is when I let him play with my rabbit, Mr. P.

Well, the years have flown.  My little guy has done some big changing.  Here he is at his birthday party at our local berry farm.

Wow!  What happened to my baby???   Well, he grew up.  Time moves forward no matter what you do.  Marvin is now six.  He also celebrated another milestone as well.

My son graduated kindergarten.  Sniff.  He made a very successful transition from his Montessori program to the public one.  I was really worried about it.  But his teacher has been fantastic and she has put my mind at ease this year.

So what does Mr. Bigshot want to do next?  First grade.  But for the summer I am allowing him to have the gift of childhood.  With me staying at home we will work on the three rs but he has always either had to go to daycare or summer camps.  Last year was a real struggle.  He wanted a break so bad and resisted the camps, cried all the way to them, was bullied by another kid at them, and was toast.  So this summer unless he asks for a camp he will not go.  We are doing swimming lessons, nature field trips, parks, gymnastics, reading, and sitting on the sofa in our Pj's if we darn well feel like it!  Plus play dates.  Marvin has already requested several.  So we are set.

It has been an amazing journey.  Looking back at how hard it was to adopt and finding out we were getting a little one seems so long ago.  Marvin has been amazing.  I can't hardly remember life without him and I don't want to try.  He is my heart and brings so much laughter and life into our home.  I am blessed.  Happy Birthday Marvin!  

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  1. awww happy birthday Marvin! i hope you have an amazing day. :)