My Family

My Family

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A bug under a microscope

The title just about sums it up.  We made it through our first social worker visit.  I wouldn't say we passed with flying colors, but we definitely didn't bomb out either. 

We met our (teenage) intern.  We are her first family.  She is very nice and has obviously had social worker 101 classes where you learn to nod, smile, and talk about the weather and other very neutral topics.  She even has the mmm-hmm down in all the right parts.  Luckily, she is paired with an experienced worker. 

We met at their office and proceeded to be drilled with many questions such as, "What would you change about your spouse?"  "What do you like about your spouse?"  "Why did you marry your spouse?" and my personal favorite "Would you ever divorce your spouse for any reason?" 

So after an hour plus of very uncomfortable questions all with the reassurance of we just want to find out what kind of child to place with you finally wrapped up I had no idea of what they thought of us.  I am feeling a little discouraged.  Why couldn't they have asked more about children and less about why I might suddenly wake up and dump Shannon. 

The one saving grace was Marvin.  I brought him with me from work and right away he charmed both of the social workers.  He played with them, did all sorts of cutsie things, and I am pretty sure he will be allowed to adopt.  At least he made us look like half-way decent people. 

Shannon says I worry too much and that they were just questions.  I suppose I do worry.  But I really want to do this and not look like a total idiot to people.  The next meeting will be one on one with the social workers.  No Shannon allowed at my meeting and no me at Shannon's meeting.  I suppose they will ask even harder questions.  At least I have an idea about what I am up against and I can be ready for what ever they throw at me.  Getting a kid isn't for wimps and it is a process that can make you or break you.  I refuse to be broken. 

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