My Family

My Family

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Moving Forward!

I think I posted too soon the other day.  After I posted my husband came home and asked if I had gotten the e-mail from the social worker.  I said what e-mail?  Then I checked the inbox and behold it was there!  The e-mail.  Asking for a meeting time.  So now it begins.   

The best way I can explain about what happens is to compare it to something.  Dating.  The first visit or "date" is when we sit down and get to know each other. We describe likes, interests, size each other up.  The second visit is when we decide to become a mutually exclusive couple.  We like each other enough to commit to a long term relationship and are willing to become partners in what happens.  We invite them into our home and let them size up our lives and in turn we ask them for support, assistance in resources, and someone to listen to us.  The third visit is the engagement.  We both agree that we are willing to make a lifelong go of it and become partners in a unique relationship where we both work towards agreed goals and life plans. 

It this relationship there is no "divorce".  Once you go through with the third visit you are in for a long term partner.  Marvin's social worker and our old agency still provide us with resources, tips, support, and some annoyances.  We were told that if you don't like people outside of your family actively involved in your life, don't adopt.  They are not kidding. 

But on the upside, these are some of the people that once you have them in your life you know that they have your back.  Ms. T has been an amazing support to me.  She has cheered me on, encouraged me to think outside of the box, and gave me the most precious gift. Our son.  Lauren let me call her off hours and held me while I cried when we had an adoption fall through.  Katie followed after me and made sure my paperwork was flawless.  They made me feel like I was there only client when I knew how overworked and overburdened they were.  They helped me in dark times and rejoiced with me when Marvin came home. 

It is a relationship that will challenge you, make you sweat, worry, and most importantly grow.  So as I get ready for a new relationship and I brace myself for the first "date"  I find that I am ready for this new relationship and chapter in my life.  I hope they are too.  Bring it on. 

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