My Family

My Family

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The best gift ever!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!! 

I hope you are all doing well.  I just got the best Christmas gift a mommy could ever receive.  No, it didn't come in a Tiffany's bag.  (Although that would have been nice too.)  My son who blessed our hearts and homes several Christmases ago.  Here are some of his first pics: 

Gotta love the baby pudge.  I so miss it!  Our little one came to us with more labels than belongings.  Failure to thrive, Meth addicted, Shaken Baby Syndrome, Mild to Moderate Attachment and Bonding Disorder, Possible ADHD (although how you can tell on an 18 month old is beyond me, they all have ADHD at that age!), Lagging gross motor, fine motor, and language delays, Sight issues that may complicate into blindness, Reduced life span possibly turning into SIDS or early childhood death.  These are just a few of the labels that haunted me for years. 

Now flash forward to this Christmas.  Here is a pic.  Sorry it is not the best, my camera needed a good cleaning: 

So here we are now at four and a half.  My gift came a few days early!  We got to loose some labels!!!  Yeah!!  I must admit I cried.  A lot.  My child has NO attachment issues, no major developmental delays, will probably not go blind, and as was pointed out as Marvin was jumping off the exam table saying "Look at me I am Batman!", I will probably die of fright before Marvin bumps off.  He has also been cleared to go to Kindergarten in the fall.  He is growing and THRIVING.  Now, I had co-workers and family telling me that he was doing great all along, but it is so nice to have him medically verified.  They still want to keep the ADHD on the back burner, but it was agreed all around that it is way to early to diagnose that.  I also argued that he was a strong kinesthetic learner.  They were impressed with my big word of the day (thank you Lisa Murphy for all your way cool info on this, I owe you!) . 

So now I am off to a very busy and exciting two days of family, friends, church, and food.  I hope your Christmas is as wonderful as mine is turning out to be!! 

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