My Family

My Family

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Home Study Visit Round Three


Last Thursday we had our last "official" home study visit.  It went really well.  Our teen social worker found her way out to the boonies with no problem.  I had the house all decked out for Christmas so it looks all festive and lighty-ish.   I had Penelope all cleaned up and she was super cute and fluffy. 

The visit pretty much went the same as all the other visits.  She asked the same questions.  We are pretty sick of them.  I told Shannon she didn't appreciate my sense of humor, but if you were asked, "What kind of child are you willing to parent?" 500,000 times, see if you wouldn't be a little feisty too. (I told her a live one, dead ones aren't my style.  Yes I did say that.  No I am not sorry I said that.)   In spite of that, Marvin was super charming and drug Laura all over the house.  He proudly showed her his prowess in operating the washing machine.  He showed her his tractors, trains, snacks, and sock drawer.  Yes, the sock drawer.  Sigh. 

So the house was approved.  Our punishment is more paperwork.  If that gets in and we get the ball rolling we should be approved in January.  Yay!!!!   I am excited that we are moving forward.  I am hoping for intensive searches and if all goes well a placement over the summer.  I plan on being rather aggressive this time around.  We waited three years for Marvin.  I am not sure I want to wait three more years. 

We were told that we would make a really great family for children with special needs.  Laura told us that families would take behavior problems over learning delays.  That is a shame.  I would rather work on ABCs and 123s.  Special needs is not a bad thing.  Marvin has them and there is no same in it.  He didn't asked to be nearly killed by bio mom and to have his brain chemically altered through deprivation of needs.  He's not normal, whatever that is.  I am coming to terms with triggers, learning needs, emotional needs, and other things that make my son different.  I grieve over it on a regular basis, but Marvin doesn't complain about it.  He just tries harder.  So I am trying harder too.  Trying to redefine what normal is for us and adjusting to it.  So far we are doing the best we can and that is what life is all about.

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