My Family

My Family

Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Shannon!

Guess who is turning 39?  Not me, I get to stay 25 for the rest of my life.  A friend and I long ago decided that once we hit this magic age, we were done.  I don't know if she held on to her end of the bargain, but I did. 

I married my best friend almost 8 years ago.  We have been together for about 10 years.  It was an interesting first date.  We met on-line and had a tops thirty minute first date at Chik-Fil-A.  The restaurant was having a family day and we couldn't hear each other.  I was a nanny at the time and my boss was violently ill.  Her kids were a bit "spirited" and she was a single mom so I felt awful about leaving her in a lurch.  Even though it was my day off.  Go figure.  So I rushed home after the date hoping that the house was still standing (it was, barely).  I thought I would never see Shannon again.  Luckily, he called a day later and asked if I wanted a do-over.  I thought, sure might as well scare you away properly.  I said yes. 

So we went to a nice quiet restaurant and had a real conversation.  We had lots in common.  I was at a point where I had travelled and done all sorts of different things.  I was ready to settle down.  So was he.  I only had one really big issue.  The guy who married me needed to be O.K. with adopting kids.  Shannon, bless him, never batted an eye when I raised the issue.  He said, no problem.  That was it for me. 

I would love to say that we got married and it was all bliss with little birds tweeting and helping me with domestic duties.  That we never fight and stare adoringly into each other's eyes all day long.  But this is reality.  We are both very strong willed.  I have my head in the clouds and he has his on the ground.  I have this desperate need to be on time for everything and he is always late.  There are many things that we are so polar opposite on we both sometimes wonder where the person we were dating has disappeared to?

Even though we may never agree on where to put the butter in the fridge ( and many other stupid things) we are both in it for the long haul.  Shannon was my rock while we were going through the adoption process the first time.  This time around I have been the rock.  He loves our son and was willing to adopt him despite the social worker trying to scare us to death about him.  He has fought daycares, churches, and family so our child can get the help and support he needs.  He is not shy about advocating for Marvin and is not slow in sharing it.  

So happy birthday to my best friend, companion, and co-fighter in the daily battles of adoption and child rearing!  I love you Shannon!!! 

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