My Family

My Family

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The great kindergarten war of 2012 and adoption update

It has been a bit crazy at the ranch recently.  As the post title says, yes we did have quite a blowout over Marvin's upcoming year. 

It started simply.  My in-laws started hinting that public kindergarten enrollment was soon upon us.  Did we need help getting Marvin on and off the bus? 


I am a teacher at a really nice Montessori school.  We have a kindergarten program.  I am very fond of it.  Thanks, but no thanks. 

Then the pressure started to build.  Well meaning friends and family begin chiming in.  My husband started singing the praises of our public school system.  He suggested that since Marvin is in my class and I am the teacher it would be good if we were not so "entangled".  He also had many other reasons that I could write several other blog posts on.  Some were valid.  Some weren't.  I even got our pediatrician's advice on the matter.  She said that most private schools were in it for the money and would say just about anything to keep parents shelling out.  She said Marvin would be fine in public.  Let's just say after I got through with her I got a really nice apology from the doctor's office.

So I felt like I was the only one in the world who really wanted Marvin to stay put.  I was really upset.  I felt like Marvin was not ready yet.  It was really ugly and tense for a while.  Then I got support from a most unlikely person.  Marvin.  He started to speak up.  He told his grandma that he liked his school.  He told his daddy that mommy was the best teacher.  That he WAS going back.  That he needed to be with his crew.  He told me that there was no bus in his future. He wanted his green notebook, folder, and Ms. Tina.  That was simply that. 

Then I begin to gather my wits and stopped behaving like a hysterical twit and acted like the professional educator that I know I am.  I begin to present research, facts, stats, and my professional observations about our son.  I used the knowledge I had about meth kids and shaken baby.  I also did some honest research into our public school system.  It all boiled down to Marvin's needs and the fact that I am staying at my school until I retire or die. 

So a peace treaty was signed.  Marvin comes with me for his kindergarten year.  As in all wars there are concessions made.  I had to make certain agreements and concessions.  Now we have some family who are very upset that Marvin is staying on and they have no problems letting me know that I am ruining my child's life and that it is a very big mistake to keep him in an environment that he is obviously so happy and thriving in (insert eye roll here).  So I am weathering the storm.  They also point out that if we get a school age child that they will go to public and it would be easier to have Marvin there as well.  There are many other reasons and I am still quite steamed so I just remind myself to take deep breaths and remind myself that all will be well in the kingdom soon enough. 

That being said I do have some brief adoption updates.  All the social workers that we are dealing with have gone on tropical vacations and will be back next to never.  That being said we do have a lead on a little girl and a sibling group of two boys.  Both are very promising and even though it is way to early in the game to get excited I really am.  I have high hopes and prayers that one or the other will work out.  I will keep you posted. 

Have a great long weekend and safe travels to my family and friends! 

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