My Family

My Family

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Baby visit coming soon!

That's right.  We finally get to meet this little person.  It took some doing and a lot of pesting on my part! What?  You thought this was going to be easy?  I laugh, ha ha. 

The reality is it is the end of summer and their is some sort of weird migration pattern going on in Social worker land.  Our social worker is on her umpteenth vacation since she got hired.  I'm serious.  Every time we have something come up she goes away and sends a very nice e-mail along the lines of, "you can handle it just fine".  I'm not complaining, and she is right.  Having walked through the fire pits before more than qualifies us to handle pesky stuff. 

But I was really hoping to have more done by now.  Thanks to mass migration we are at least two weeks behind schedule.  The good news is that I finally pinned down Ms. J to a meet and greet.  It is for Wednesday next week.  Further down the line than I wanted, but she is holding down her work and her co worker's work while she is migrating.  Ms. J will call me tomorrow and pin down a time.  I will also ask if I can bring my camera to take some pics of the baby.  I would very much like to show off our new offspring.  But we may have to wait until the second meeting to do that.  It is all kind of weird and you never know the rules of the game until you are in the middle of it. 

I have been really busy around here.  Life continues 24/7 whether you want it to or not.  For awhile I was really dragging and down because things were going so painfully slow.  But then I figured I could mope and sulk because things were not going according to my neat packaged plan or I could get out there and enjoy something I haven't had in years.  A little me time.  So I will say taking a little time for me to get some things that I want to do done has been nice. 

Another good part is I am knocking out household projects like crazy.  You know how you make a list and then say I'll get to it whenever?  Well, my whenever is now.  It won't be long before I will be backlogged again so I am organizing, cleaning, and catching up on paperwork as fast as I can.

Marvin continues to thrive in school.  It has really surprised me.  He comes home eager to share his day, talks about his friends, and just seems to really love it.  I guess it shouldn't bother me and I should be more embracing of this new chapter in his life, but I am a die hard Montessori teacher and while his new school is nice and all, it just isn't very.......Montessori.  I am hoping I adjust to this fact as well as Marvin has. 

So that is where we are right now.  I hope to have some new baby pictures soon and even though it is very frustrating and wrath provoking this is all going to come together.  I just hope for sooner verses later!

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