My Family

My Family

Friday, August 17, 2012

Growing up and moving on

So it has been a really long and busy week.  We had another social worker visit and Marvin started kindergarten. 

I will have to say I had a very hard time with him going to public school.  I humped and grumbled.  Then I was reminded that it was important to have an open mind and not to pass judgement and to get off my high and mighty Montessori throne.  So I went to open house and saw the classroom, met Marvin's new teacher, and his classmates.  I ended up cautiously optimistic about it.  I really like Marvin's teacher.  She is really nice and was more than willing to answer all my questions. 

School started Wednesday.  Marvin couldn't wait to get on the bus.  We missed it on day one!  Shannon and the driver got their wires crossed and gave me the wrong time!  I was fried!! That was my Kodak moment people!!  But on day two I got my pic.  I'd post it, but blogger is giving me trouble so I will save it for another day.  Marvin never looked back.  Waaaahhhhhh!

He has taken to his new school like a duck to water.  He loves it.  He talks about what he is doing, is excited to eat in a cafeteria, and drags me out the door to the bus stop every morning.  No separation anxiety either.  At least for him.  I miss him during the day, but the change has been helping our at home relationship.  He no longer has to juggle mommy as a teacher and a parent.  So there are some good things happening. 

As for the baby we had another meeting with her social worker.  She came to the house to see if we had outlet covers in our outlets and that we didn't have a swimming pool.  I kid you not.  Really.  She also made sure we had a first aid kit and no fire arms around.  Plus she made Shannon take time off from work so he could be here for the full 15 minutes.  Gotta love DSS. 

On a good note, we are making some progress.  We hope to meet Cary Lynn very soon.  She is making developmental strides and we are slowly closer towards getting her home.  Her social worker needs us to meet her at least two times and then needs to come back to our house to make sure our outlets are still covered and that we haven't snuck in an Olympic sized pool.  I wish I was kidding, sadly, I'm not.  It is frustrating to wait, but we are hoping to have her moved in by the end of August beginning of Septemberish.  Part of the problem is that agencies can't share background checks and paperwork so we have to fill out stuff, get fingerprinted, and so forth all over again.  Cary's social worker promised to call on Monday (which means Tuesday in DSS land) to set up a time to see our baby.  Waiting stinks, but my friends assure me that it is building my character.  I won't say what I said about that.  Plus the baby get up during the night so I should probably enjoy sleeping all night long while I can=). 

So that is where we are right now!  I will keep everyone posted on developments.  Thanks for the prayers and support as our family transitions into a new season of our lives!

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