My Family

My Family

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Other Fields' Family Members

After a very stressful previous week involving some sort of inner infection and vertigo for yours truly, Shannon having another hereditary syncope spell (a fancy name for passing out at any God given moment thus freaking out his wife and reducing her life span by 5 years every time) and Marvin managing to contract a double ear infection we are in bad need of a quiet weekend. 

Everyone is on the mend and I plan on doing some serious scrapbooking and reading.  Marvin plans on playing with tractors and being read to.  Shannon wants sleep=).  We also have two other family members with some needs also.  Such as shampooing, nail clipping, playtime, and obedience training.  Sound like kids?  Close.  Let me introduce you to our last two members of the Fields' clan

These are our house rabbits.  Yep, we have rabbits and I keep them inside my home.  They are sweet, fluffy, destructive, lovable, destructive, fun, did I mention destructive. 

Now most people get dogs, or cats, or a fish.  When I was growing up we had fish.  My parents hated animals.  My dad grew up on a farm thus sprung his dislike of animals.  Mom just didn't like them.  We had no real pets.  I'm sorry if I offend fish people, but they are nice to look at there is just no interaction or bonding.  When I got married we moved to Florida and as I patiently waited for the baby that would never come I decided that I must lavish all this maternal instinct on something.  We lived in an apartment so a dog was not the best choice.  Shannon is a cat person but with my mom and his dad being allergic that was out.  Then we walked by the pet store and I saw BUNNIES!!!!  Being the wise husband Shannon told me to do research and present dollar amounts.  I did and found a rabbit rescue overflowing with dumped and abandoned rabbits.  After meeting the person who ran the Jacksonville branch, Jason, he introduced me to my first bunny.  Mr. Peabody.

Mr. P as we call him most of the time was dumped twice.  Once by his original owner and the second time by a family who adopted and returned him for being boring.  After hearing that I vowed I would take him home with me.  I have had him for 5 years now.  He was middle aged when I got him and is now in the twilight of his life.  After adopting him I joined the rescue.  We broke off from our parent branch and started our own rescue.  It is still in full swing and I help out as I can.  After we got P I decided he needed a companion.  Rabbits are herd animals and do better in groups.  So I bonded him with Princess Bridgette.  A long name for a tiny grey bunny.  She had cancer and they told me she was going to die while I fostered her.  After about a month I decided that no one gave her the memo and she wasn't going anywhere so we kept her.  She lived for two years.  After she died P was depressed.  Yes, rabbits do grieve and get depressed.  So we had another rabbit named Frosty.  She
was a Katrina rescue and we had adopted her out, but her family decided that their dog was allergic to her and sent her back to us.  She was Shannon's special bunny.  So we bonded them.  Frosty lived with us about 3 years and then became very ill.  She died in my arms a few months back.  We were devastated.  Crushed.  I had never seen Shannon so upset before.  We will never know why she died.  After we were picking up the pieces and moving on a friend jokingly suggested we get Mr. P a "trophy wife" since he had outlived two.  I pushed the idea aside as I was so upset.  Then a few weeks later I got an e-mail from someone who knew a woman who was dumping a cute bunny.  So about a month ago I caved and we now have a 6 month old female named Penelope living with us.

So Mr. P did get a trophy wife after all.  Age wise it is like a 70 year old shacking up with a 16 year old.  But it is good that they are both happy.  And that I have a really great husband who keeps letting me get rabbits.  He is still healing from his loss but Penelope is trying to win him over.  So far she adores Shannon and Marvin.  Me she tolerates.  Go figure.  For those of you who are dying to get a rabbit here is a word of wisdom.  Don't.  Seriously, I love my pets but unless you are prepared for destructive forces beyond your control (for those of you who have kids you know what I mean) don't get a rabbit.  Here are two powerful arguments.  This was once carpet.

This was once a nice piece of furniture.

I have become very good at repairs and hiding bunny no-nos.  I also believe that my home is someplace to live in and not a glorified show piece.  I still like nice things, but I have a kid and pets so it is not always a realistic expectation.  I keep it clean and do my best.  And use duct tape. 

But for those of you are not scared off from bunnies they are rewarding pets.  I plan on enjoying mine very much this weekend!  And repairing my carpet with a glue gun. 


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