My Family

My Family

Monday, August 1, 2011

Nature verses nurture

A while back my mom, sister, grandma, and myself sat around grandma's table drinking coffee and complaining about politicians and laughing about failed cooking adventures.  Shannon told me that day that "you are just like your mother".  Even though I am adopted and come from an entirely different gene pool I realize that I am pretty much like the woman who raised me and loved me. 

I have found that since Marvin has been with us he to has transformed.  When we first got him he was quiet, didn't like tons of attention, sort of a loner.  He didn't smile or laugh much.  Life was very serious business for the little guy.  He didn't play much and would just sit by himself and look around.  I realize that he was probably a little stressed out, but I worried about him.  Shannon and I spent time playing with him, laughing, and loving him. 

Flash forward to today as he was in a store with me.  Marvin had a basket in his hand and was happily humming and "helping" me get items.  All of a sudden he spilled his basket.  He put his hands on his hips and did a very loud moan.  I had to laugh, he was just like me.  

Marvin has slowly morphed into a mini-version of us.  Although he retains his own unique qualities and talents there is so much of us in him.  He has become curious, loves to play, enjoys laughing and making others laugh, has his mom's temper and his dad's stubbornness, loves people, has a dramatic flair, and mimics all of mom's expressions.  He even has glasses like us.
Every time I hear the nature verses nurture debate I have to smile.  And think about mom, grandma, my sister, and I around grandma's table.  Then I think about Marvin who is just like me. 


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