My Family

My Family

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Where in the world?????

Have you ever played that Where's Waldo game growing up??  I sort of feel like Waldo right now. It has been a crazy past two days.  But let me back up a bit... 

You may have remembered from a previous post that we were getting ready to go to John Deere land in Molene.  We had packed, tickets were purchased, and Marvin was informed and about lost his mind with joy.  It was the kind of moment that every parent pats themselves on the back for.  But then a problem arose.  Her name is Irene. 

Yesterday at work I found out that our plane was cancelled.  Shannon was scrambling to get a plan B together.  I came home quickly with Marvin to find a very agitated husband.  For once I was the cool one.  I had already informed family that I was pretty sure we were just going to drive out there.  After all, I had to suffer, I mean experience the joys of 10 plus hour drives growing up, I was sure that we could do this. 

Shannon and I debated on cancelling all together.  But we were both exhausted.  Aftershocks had me on edge and having lived in Florida we both were not fond of hurricanes.  Sitting around the house with no power and a four year old has little appeal.  So we put everything into the trusty Kia and got out of Sundance. 

So we drove and drove and drove.  About 2 hours into the trip we had gone back in forth about how to get to Molene and home in a short span.  We had to make a choice.  We decided not to go.  It was hard.  I felt so guilty.  After all, I had really wanted to do this for Marvin.  Hadn't he had enough disappointments in his short life?  I felt like crap.  I could tell Shannon did too.  I wanted to go home, but then I remembered Irene and decided that we would make the best out of a bad situation.  This would be a good lesson in resiliency for all of us.  So we stopped in West Va last night.  Shannon found us a really nice suite and I felt somewhat better when I saw this in the room. 

A very nice jacuzzi bathtub.  With working jets.  Hmmm.  I start to cautiously feel better.  The next morning after we eat the biggest breakfast at the hotel and I drink tons of coffee, Shannon, looks up attractions and finds several of interest.  So we pack up and head to our new destination, Joe Huber's family farm in Indiana.  Yup, a farm folks. 

Marvin catches on to the fact that we are no longer talking about John Deere.  He asks when are we getting there?  We cautiously explain to him what happened.  Marvin was upset and cried.  Once again I felt like crap.  He wants to go home.  We told him that we couldn't for a few days and that we were going to a farm.  Marvin sniffs and asks rather tearily if there will be a tractor there for him.  I put on my best chipper preschool teacher voice and say that we will see lots of exciting things, what do you think will be at the farm?  This kept him well occupied most of the way.  He was so excited by the time we got there that I was praying that this would be somewhat decent.

It was!  The place exceeded my expectations.  We had an amazing time.  There was so much to do. 

Let's start with the 40 foot barn slide.  Shannon and Marvin had a blast playing on this.  We fed animals, rode tractors, horses, and went fishing!!
Guess who caught herself a nice big catfish?  Marvin helped a bit, but kind of freaked out a bit when the fish was still flapping.  It was a big one!  I am not telling a fish tale when I say I was the only one to land a fish that day.  The lady up front told me. 

We finished off our farm day at the restaurant at the farm.  These goodies showed up at the table just in time. 
Fried biscuits with fresh apple butter and dusted with powdered sugar.  Yum.  Dinner was awesome and Marvin had an amazing time.   

So we are just staying in the Kentucky/Indiana area these next few days.  We will go to the zoo, see museums, and have some quality family time.  True it is not the vacation we imagined, but sometimes life takes you on unexpected journeys and you have to be the one to decide whether you go with the flow or sulk and pout because you didn't get what you wanted.  I choose to go with it.  I am getting family time and that was the purpose of this vacation.  Sometimes you just focus on the journey and not the destination and enjoy the surprises life has to offer.  Like fried biscuits, 40 foot slides, and the realization that my son is learning to become adaptable and enjoy the journey that we call life. 

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